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NZOSL provides safe and efficient bulk fuel storage and handling services in 8 locations throughout Aotearoa New Zealand

Our Company Values

Our values are NZOSL’s guide to providing maximum value to our customers, while giving them the confidence that safety, our team and our community are never compromised.

What we do

  • Receive and Release Product
  • Store Product in Tanks
  • Build & Maintain Tanks & Pipes
  • Operate Terminals Safely
  • Minimise Hazards & Reduce Risk

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Quick Stats

NZOSL terminals are busy places, with multiple activities going on at any one time. Our quick stats give you insight to the scale and shape of the organisation's activities on a yearly basis.

  • 300+
  • 1.5
    Billion litres throughput
  • 45k
    Truck loadings
  • 3000+
    Engineering projects completed